The Only Reality in Italy to Support the Public and Private Sectors

We cross-sectorally oversee evaluations of EU co-funded Programs and strategic activities to verify their quality, effectiveness (results and impacts) and efficiency, we provide design, management and implementation services for evaluations of public policies and international development cooperation to feed into future decision-making processes, we develop research observatories and analyses of dynamics and evolutionary trends to return current scenarios through a mix of approaches to data.

Our experience in the evaluation of programmes and projects financed with public resources or international cooperation covers all thematic areas: rural development, infrastructure, business aid, training, active labour policies, education, security, social inclusion, immigration, human rights, gender policies, combating violence and discrimination. 

We are able to select and use all the main evaluation approaches and methods to be compliant and effective with the object to be evaluated.

Evaluating Public Policies to Better Guide the Growth

Lattanzio KIBS has proven expertise in the design, management and implementation of public policy evaluations and international development cooperation. 
Proud signatories of the Women's Empowerment Principles, we have always provided high quality services to the most prestigious government institutions and international organizations through the application of a variety of theoretical approaches and the development of diverse thematic expertise, including human rights and gender equality, good governance and PA reform, fragility and crisis management, peacebuilding, education and technical vocational training, and private sector development and agriculture.