The evaluation of the NOP IC in the context of 2014-2020 programming

Lattanzio KIBS has been awarded the evaluation service of some interventions referring to Axis 1 of the 2014-2020 National Operational Program "Enterprise and Competitiveness" (PON IC) on behalf of Invitalia SpA. In particular, the evaluation will focus on the topic of Collaborative Research between Universities, companies and research institutions with respect to the effects produced in the context of interventions under the Fund for Sustainable Growth (FSC).

In detail

Specifically, the service is concerned with:

  • the preparation of operational tools and data collection methods;
  • the analysis of financial, physical and procedural implementation;
  • analysis of the results achieved by the activities implemented under the Program;
  • Desk Analysis, interviews, case studies;
  • counterfactual analysis;
  • the definition of recommendations on policies, actions and strategies to be developed and implemented in the next Programming period;
  • support to the Administration in the evaluation of lessons learned, also useful for the new 2021-2027 programming cycle;
  • the dissemination of results in appropriate dissemination moments (seminars, workshops).

Project Pluses

The Evaluation Project, by investigating the dynamics of collaboration, the role of the actors involved and the results produced by them, will help provide a current picture with respect to the competitive level of the Italian industrial system.

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