Over 20 years of experience in meeting the challenges of change in the public sector

We are the most important Italian consulting boutique for the public sector operating in the global market.

Our vocation has never changed: to support PA in the processes of innovation of policies, services, management methods and internal processes, which are a condition for the development of country systems.

who we are

Working as a team

We work together. We know how to integrate different skills because we are united by our passion for design.

Our focus

Our focus

We work with institutions to qualify development projects and programmes in Italy and abroad.

​Bringing a new point of view

Workshops, studies and surveys always give us the opportunity to set up tables for multi-stakeholder discussions on key issues relevant to the public sector.

​An ever-going commitment

Ethical vision, respect for people, work and the environment. for us, it is a matter of sustainability that has a substantial impact on our organisational model.

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​An ever-going commitment