We are specialized in sustainability and energy

Lattanzio KIBS works in the energy and environment sector by supporting Italian and foreign institutions in sustainable transition, nuclear safety programs and prevention of environmental crimes according to current legislation. In developing countries, it promotes actions that enable the achievement of MDG 7 (Millennium Development Goals) on environmental sustainability, fostering coherence between environmental policies and other development policies.

Work Areas

Our Expertise

Lattanzio KIBS has a well-established specialization in environmental and sustainable issues, acquired over time through training, evaluation, communication and technical assistance interventions carried out on a global scale.

At the national level, we supported the Ministry of the Environment and the Regions on the prevention of environmental crimes. For Apulia Region, we provided communication services for the implementation of the regional sustainable development strategy and the management of the Regional Sustainability Forum. 

Internationally, we have supported EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency, United Nations, UNICEF, European Delegations in Zimbabwe and Gabon, and the European Commission. In the area of nuclear safety, we provide technical assistance to the European Commission in managing the INSC - Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation.

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