Lattanzio KIBS supports UNRWA in evaluating the reform of the Education Programme for Palestinian Refugees

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is a United Nations body responsible for providing assistance and protection to Palestinian refugees. In this context, the agency is launching the UNRWA Education Reform Strategy 2011-2015, a project that, in addition to Palestine, also involves Jordan, Syria and Lebanon with the aim of improving the education system in these areas and the educational programmes that UNRWA delivers in the Middle East.

More details 

Lattanzio KIBS conducts an in-depth evaluation of the UNRWA Education Programme and analyses the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken. This evaluation aims to provide UNRWA, UN agencies, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the Palestinian Authority, local NGOs, donors, teachers and students with an independent assessment of UNRWA's Education Reform Strategy 2011-2015 and how it has contributed to the Agency's medium-term strategy between 2016 and 2022.

Specifically, the service focuses on the technical and administrative management of the evaluation and data collection. This is followed by the quality control of all outputs and the management of relations between the client and the stakeholders involved.

Project Impact 

The evaluation conducted by Lattanzio KIBS highlights the importance of the initiatives undertaken within the Education Programme, extrapolates best practices and the significant impact these have on the quality of education and the education system provided to Palestinian refugees in the Middle Eastern host countries. This contribution provides valuable recommendations aimed at streamlining the Agency's future activities.