A Centre of studies and research

Lattanzio KIBS continuously invests in knowledge. Study and analysis are always the basis of knowledge-intensive professional services. The solutions identified through research become skills for improving the functioning of public administration. 

Research topics

The Lattanzio KIBS Study Centre produces instant surveys, investigations and research to offer the community of public and private sector decision-makers a multilevel reading on a number of significant issues for the country system.

Communication of the European Funds

Communication of the European Funds

We collect, analyze and publish data on investments supported by national and regional Managing Authorities in communication activities to support the Promotion of Operational Programs of the EIS Funds.


The thrust for research at Lattanzio KIBS is rooted in a pioneering, cross-disciplinary publishing experience. The publications in our publishing series have tackled topics of great innovation in the development of public administration. Past studies and more recent surveys represent a source of know-how and a knowledge sharing system for human resources.