The multistakeholder platform for the development of port areas with a sustainable approach

HUB Green Ports is an initiative conceived by Lattanzio KIBS Benefit Corporation with the aim of creating a virtuous model of integration between ports and cities to ensure harmonious and sustainable growth of Italian port structures.

In detail

HUB Green Ports aims to enhance the environmental resources of individual ports by developing integrated design solutions for the redevelopment of existing structures and integration with new infrastructures, particularly in the field of tourist port facilities.


  • It promotes the sustainable growth of ports to incentivize technological innovation and digitization, improving operational efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of port activities.
  • It aims to meet the expectations of citizens by integrating port activities with the urban context, contributing to social well-being, inclusion, and the development of local communities.
  • It encourages the responsible use of land through the adoption of strategies for the redevelopment and recovery of disused port areas, enhancing the territorial heritage and creating new opportunities for local development.

Project Highlights

HUB Green Ports involves important stakeholders in the fields of aviation, energy, and infrastructure, including Fastweb, Axpo Group, Perfect Mooring, Ceisis, Bureau Veritas, Graaltech, LCA, and Avatar, to promote increased public-private collaboration capable of generating positive impacts on the neighborhoods surrounding ports, cities, and regions, and effectively addressing territorial welfare issues.

To support this model, the Lattanzio KIBS Studies & Research participates in the initiative through instant surveys, investigations, and research, offering a multi-level analysis of the future of Italian ports in a sustainable context, as well as the most significant issues for the country's system to the community of public and private decision-makers.