Supporting the audit activities of the EMFF OP

Lattanzio KIBS, in RTI with its agent Protiviti Government Services, alongside the Specific Control Coordination Office of the Agency for Disbursements in Agriculture (AGEA) in carrying out the audit activities of the operational program EMFF. Specifically, Lattanzio offered ongoing support services of a highly specialized nature, characterized by specific knowledge in the relevant field.

In detail

The main activities on which action was taken covered the following macro areas:

  • System audits;
  • Operations audits;
  • Drafting of the annual audit report and audit opinion.

In addition, support was provided to the Audit Authority in the following activities:

  • monitoring of the maintenance of the designation requirements of the Managing and Certifying Authorities;
  • preparation, and subsequent updates, of the audit strategy, procedures manual and checklists;
  • participation in audit-related meetings with regional, national and community institutions;
  • preparation of technical documentation to be presented during negotiations and/or meetings.

Project Plus

The audit service about the operational scope of the EMFF fund enabled the identification of issues attributable to it on the operational management level.

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