We are a Benefit Corporation

Since 2022 Lattanzio KIBS has had the status of a Benefit Society. A choice that allows us to integrate some common benefit purposes in line with our vocation.

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The directions of our commitment

The directions of our commitment

Through our work, we aim to create shared value to make a positive impact on society, as well as generating profit. We have chosen three guidelines to promote innovation in the public sector as an engine for the development of the economy and society for the benefit of competitiveness, productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness of the country system:

  • within institutions and public administrations, to accelerate the modernisation of the public sector;
  • Within the education system (high schools and universities) and the labour market, to guide young people to become involved in modernising the public sector within institutions or from outside through counselling;
  • Within our organisation, to favour socially responsible forms of management.

Focus Next Generation

Do you intend to pursue a professional career in consulting for the public sector? Does the idea of working towards objectives and finding innovative solutions to complex projects motivate you?
Lattanzio KIBS offers internship experiences to students with excellent CVs to complement their academic preparation and learn the operational tools used in the sector in which we work.

Focus Next Generation

We have our own research observatory on young talents born between 1995 and 2004 and on the network of relations that helps to shape, influence and condition the idea they have of the PA. In fact, according to the Observatory's data, 67.7% of people searching for information about "PA" on the web are under 35 years old. However, only 4.24% of PA employees are under 29 years old.

To bridge this gap and engage young people in public sector innovation the benefit initiative YouthinkPA was created, to help promote a culture of PA innovation as a shared value and create a community of young people geared toward the modernization of PA, which is an engine of economic and social development.

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Impact Report

Impact Report

Lattanzio KIBS is committed to publishing an annual impact report to describe the actions we take and our future plans.

It is our wish to show how we intend to do our part towards the world around us, with the will to contribute through our work, in concrete terms, to promoting a more modern PA.

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