Training Consulting and Integrated Learning Solutions

We are the first Italian operator in offering innovative integrated solutions for professional training and capacity building formative projects for the public sector and large investee companies.

We support PA in strategic processes related to the management of Human Resources and their skills, covering the entire cycle of training intervention needs analysis, integrated training paths, monitoring and evaluation of learning.

Not all organizations have the resources, both human and financial, to design and implement a training intervention in-house. Lattanzio KIBS takes on these tasks by working alongside the client and developing the training course according to specific needs and requirements.

In the case of traditional training, Lattanzio KIBS manages secretarial activities, classroom tutoring, teaching, monitoring and evaluation. For e-learning training, on the other hand, it manages mentoring, tutoring, the help desk and the learning community.

Technological innovations, changes in the perception of training and the search for time- and cost-efficient solutions have brought more and more public and private organisations closer to e-learning.

Changing the way training is done, however, does not mean replacing the tool or medium used. It entails a profound and structural change in the organisational system. Lattanzio KIBS also supports organisations in tackling this change from a technical point of view. On the one hand, it defines governance and monitors the organisational impact of the change. On the other, it helps select the platform and set up the necessary tools.

The use of Web-based training, i.e. training delivered through an internet browser or intranet, allows the design of live, highly interactive, up-to-date and adaptable content.

Lattanzio KIBS designs digital courses for which it can also develop the content or use an already prepared one. The course can be created from scratch or be the result of reworking traditional content into multimedia products. Lattanzio KIBS offers expertise in the design and development of digital content for various technological platforms and market standards.


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Digital Contents

Lattanzio KIBS has a recognized leadership in digital learning.

We have the ability to design and produce digital content based on all approaches to learning: MobileLearning, MicroLearning, OpenLearning, and we constantly invest in the research & development of new training solutions for human resources growth.

Internationally we work on assignments from the European Commission, EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency, and global institutions including UNHCR, IOM International Organization for Migration, UN WOMEN, FAO Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Programme.