Lattanzio KIBS evaluation and technical support for the "Good Governance of S3" in Lombardy

The Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) is the strategic approach devised by the support for research and innovation promoted by the European Commission with the 2014-2020 programming. This paradigm, created to optimize public investment in research and innovation financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), aims to outline a path for the economic transformation of the local production system after a careful analysis of the local context and scenario.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS assists Lombardy Region in the implementation of S3 by providing support for monitoring and evaluation activities internally in the "Good Governance of S3" service, also in view of the objectives of the Three-Year Strategic Plan (STP), the tool that promotes research and innovation issues to support the needs of the territory. 

The intervention consists of the identification, management and monitoring of regional initiatives included in the ERDF PR 2021-2027 and additional national/European initiatives and consists of a set of indicators and methodologies for data collection and performance analysis.

The main outputs of the service involve the preparation of periodic analytical reports and annual monitoring reports, which annually enshrine the objectives achieved through the monitored interventions. In addition, it is planned to produce thematic evaluation reports that aim to delve into specific aspects, for which diversified data sources such as benchmarking analysis, focus groups, surveys and face-to-face interviews will be used.

Project Impact 

Lattanzio KIBS' consultancy contributes, with an informed strategy, to the achievement of the objectives identified by the ERDF and S3, which represent strategic challenges for Lombardy's economic system, for the diffusion of innovation, the development of competitiveness, the transition to a sustainable economy and the strengthening of social inclusion and urban regeneration policies.