Lattanzio KIBS assesses UNESCO's ability to strengthen education systems in Madagascar and Laos

UNESCO places the educational development of the person at the center of its operational action at the national level. This is done primarily through its Capacity Development for Education (CapED) program, aimed at strengthening the education systems of the nations involved and increasing their capacity to implement national reforms concerning education. Lattanzio KIBS was tasked with providing an independent evaluation of the long-term outcomes of CapED program interventions in Madagascar and Laos.

More details

The evaluation activity implemented by Lattanzio KIBS is carried out in three phases: initiation phase, data collection phase, and reporting phase. Data collection includes online and on-site interviews, group discussions, and stakeholder meetings. During the evaluation process, numerous outcome harvesting and sensemaking workshops have the aim of keeping the process as participatory as possible and promote genuine co-development of recommendations.

Project Impact

The evaluation of the initiative’s results provided UNESCO with evidence on the extent to which CapED produced effective outputs for strengthening the education system at the national and local levels in Madagascar and Lao PDR, with the goal of improving access to and quality of education.

The analysis allows to highlight the importance of the approach taken by UNESCO to improve the quality of the educational systems of the nations concerned. The methodologies used during the evaluation enable the implementation of concrete solutions that can significantly improve the accessibility of education for the beneficiaries.