The evaluation of the National Program of the Internal Security Fund 2014-2020

Lattanzio KIBS alongside the Ministry of the Interior in the evaluation of the 2014-2020 Internal Security Fund (ISF) Program. The objective of the Project is to measure the results produced by the actions financed under the FSI, as they represent instruments that contribute to the development of the area of freedom, security and justice.

In detail

Specifically, the service includes the following activities:

  • preparation of operational tools and data collection methods;
  • organization and implementation of specific activities (in-depth seminars and workshops) aimed at facilitating the evaluation of the progress of the National Program;
  • analysis of the results achieved by the activities implemented under the Program;
  • desk Analysis, interviews, case studies.

Project Plus

The team of experts, supporting the Ministry in the evaluation of lessons learned, also contributed to the definition of recommendations on policies, actions and strategies to be developed in the next programming period 2021-2027.

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