Modernising the public sector for an effective governance

Lattanzio KIBS has been focusing on consulting for the modernization of the public sector in Italy and in developing countries since its foundation. It is among the leading players in the implementation of innovation projects required for economic growth and competitiveness of country systems.

Work Areas

Our Expertise

We work alongside the PA for its organizational strengthening, a more efficient planning and control, the simplification of processes and the management of funds. We know critical issues, peculiarities and languages of the public machine to which we offer our expertise in advisory, evaluation, research activities, communication, learning, monitoring and technical assistance.  

In Italy, we have developed know-how at all levels of the institutional chain on assignments from the Department of Public Function of the Prime Minister's Office, numerous Ministries, almost all Regions and hundreds of municipalities.

At an international level we support the European Commission and the EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. We cooperate with the World Bank and other major international development cooperation bodies including the Commonwealth Secretariat, the AFDB - African Development Bank, the ISDB - Islamic Development Bank.

Public administration reform is a priority for the recovery of the country system. Find out more about Public Administration Reform & Governance!