Interventions aimed at young people in the Municipality of Latina

As part of the Latina also a city of the sea programme, the Municipality of Latina entrusted Lattanzio KIBS with an intervention plan focusing on the world of youth.

More details

The project required the support of the Monitoring & Evaluation service for the implementation of two lines of action:

  • The first concerned the study and research on the aspirations and needs of young people, on situations of discomfort and deviance, and on services for young people. The research included 12 personological interviews, a quantitative CATI survey (300 people) and a quantitative CAWI survey (100 people);
  • The second, realised thanks to the data collected during the research, saw the setting up of an InformaGiovani counter, open and available to young people in the municipality. The establishment of the counter also provided for accompanying communication and dissemination actions.

Project Pluses

The flexibility of Lattanzio KIBS' services makes it possible to have a partner ready to intervene in different areas. For the municipality of Latina, the team was highly qualified in the areas of research, process and new structure design, and communication.