At Lattanzio KIBS monitoring and evaluation alongside the Romanian government on public service delivery

Romania's central government continues on the path of strengthening administrative capacity in order to improve the performance of the general public service. As part of the initiatives, the government aims to introduce common systems and standards that will lead to improved monitoring and evaluation of the performance of public services provided.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS develops monitoring methodologies and conducts performance evaluations of public services by identifying specific indicators for each sector analyzed. The analysis and evaluation phase of the project will lead to the development of a new national strategy for more efficient development of public services.

Specifically, project activities include:

  • Development of sector methodologies for evaluation through specific sector indicators, data, collection and reporting mechanisms;
  • Conducting interviews with officials involved in the process of coordination, monitoring and evaluation of public services in Romania;
  • Sectoral evaluations and integrated evaluation of service performance based on the developed methodologies;
  • Detailed analysis of community utilities: water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment, rainwater collection, drainage and disposal, natural gas supply, sanitation;
  • Elaboration of the national strategy for the development of utility services.
  • In the final phase of the project, Lattanzio KIBS will organize training events for central government staff on public service performance and community utilities.

Project impact

In the goal of contributing to a Public Administration that has a positive impact on the lives of citizens, Lattanzio KIBS' evaluation maximizes the efficiency of the public services provided while increasing the Romanian administration's internal knowledge about the performance of its work.