Lattanzio KIBS partners with EACEA in training young people to join the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps

The European Union offers young people specific volunteer training, at home or abroad, in support of humanitarian aid operations in developing countries within the framework of the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (EHVAC), in order to increase cohesion and democracy in Europe

More details

Didactic design, development of training modules, preparation of tests and self-assessment questionnaires, but also organisation of in-presence training are the activities Lattanzio KIBS is engaged in for the European Solidarity Corps' Humanitarian strand project, initiated by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

This is a four-year training programme that strengthens the participation of young people and organisations in initiatives in the field of humanitarian intervention and development cooperation.

In January 2023, registration opened for the 'Humanitarian Aid Training' course delivered by Lattanzio KIBS online on the EU Academy platform. Candidate volunteers who pass the course have access to in-person training organised, starting in February, in the cities of Milan, Madrid, Lyon and Bochum and will subsequently be able to participate in humanitarian and development projects carried out by non-governmental organisations in Europe and around the world.

Among the most recent updates, the training course, of which 70 per cent of participants are women, involved more than 400 volunteers with an average age of 27 from six EU countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and Poland.

Project Impact

Overall, the programme, which starts in 2022, aims to train a total of 4000 young people, aged between 18 and 35, from all EU countries.

Through the project alongside the European Agency, by training young volunteers, Lattanzio KIBS contributes to greater EU cohesion and to support the principles of knowledge sharing and international cooperation that underpin the Union's actions.