E-learning courses for IOM on health, mobility and border management

Lattanzio KIBS supported the Migration Health Division of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in developing e-learning courses on health, borders and mobility (HBMM). This was a Capacity Building Project aimed at improving the skills of staff and external stakeholders within the HBMM framework, as well as strengthening public health response capacity to the Covid-19 pandemic and other high-risk diseases.

In detail

Specifically, the consulting work involved establishing a termbase as a terminology reference, translating on-screen and narrative elements into French and Spanish, and conducting linguistic and functional testing

Project Pluses

By enhancing IOM's capacity in HBMM, the Project ensured a more adequate and timely response by the Organization to communicable diseases in the context of widespread and multidirectional human mobility for member states, particularly those at risk.

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