Working with Council of Europe in developing online courses in education

Lattanzio KIBS in support of the Cooperation and Capacity Building Division of the Council of Europe's Education Department (DGII Democracy). The main objective of this project was to support the design and development of studies and programs, training and updating of existing online tools, web applications, courses and materials relevant to the Council of Europe's re-education policies.

In detail

Specifically, the consulting work provided by the team of experts at Lattanzio KIBS focused on:

  • the design and technical development of online courses, multimedia content, infographics, images, illustrations, and quizzes to be used for online pedagogical purposes, as well as digital tools and resources that ensure effective and smooth orientation for students;
  • the design and development of web applications;
  • the design and development of guidelines and proposals for new online learning experiences/activities, as well as a prototype for review and validation;
  • the provision of consulting and/or technical support for online learning platforms.

Project Pluses

By intervening extensively in DG tools and policies, the Project has contributed to the provision of quality education to the ultimate beneficiaries of the service, i.e., students at all levels of the educational systems of the member states.