Tuscany Regional Technical Administrative Support Board contracts Lattanzio KIBS to provide training for regional health care personnel

FAD2 is the e-learning platform of FORMAS, the Regional Laboratory for Healthcare Training. FORMAS provides an e-learning system, which has been in use since 2013 and over the years has given over 77,000 professionals in the Health Service of Tuscany the opportunity to use it for strengthening their knowledge and acquiring specific skills.

More details

The assignment involves design, development and production of Learning Object for the benefit of the staff of the Tuscan Regional Health System. The training is divided into three macro types: 

  • General training: aimed at all recipients, it offers a theoretical knowledge base with intermediate levels of multimedia and interactivity
  • Specific training: differentiated by ASL, it provides insights on specific topics with a more advanced approach, taking advantage of multimedia and interactivity for better understanding
  • Cross-curricular training: accessible to all, it makes use of innovative methodologies such as game-based learning (serious games) to foster the learning of cross-curricular skills in an engaging and interactive way

Digital delivery of training allows for overcoming technological limitations and enjoying learning resources in just-in-time mode, anywhere, anytime, through the use of approaches such as mobile learning and ubiquitous learning.

Project Impact 

Under this approach, training becomes flexible and adaptable to the training needs of professionals and entities in the regional training network, ensuring continuous and personalized learning. The intervention thus contributes to facilitating the acquisition of new skills by regional health personnel and improving citizen services.