Lattanzio KIBS receives professional training assignment for the Tuscan Regional Administration

The Regional Council of Tuscany is the executive body of the Region of Tuscany, responsible for the administration and management of the region's assets. It plays a key role in the implementation of the laws and resolutions of the Regional Council, as well as in the administrative management and development of programmes and plans for the region. 

More details

The recipients of the training courses designed and organized by Lattanzio KIBS are the staff of the Tuscan Regional Council, those involved in the governance processes of the regional administration and the staff of member administrations.

Specifically, Lattanzio KIBS deals with the design and delivery of training courses and the organizational and managerial activities supporting the implementation of training initiatives. The intervention includes different types of training courses:

  • Enabling or refresher
  • Specialised
  • Transversal
  • Mandatory
  • Managerial

Project Impact 

The various training actions contribute to the improvement of the preparation of the Tuscan regional staff and provide the regional administration team with the necessary tools for a transversal and innovative professional growth of the services offered to the territory.