Lattanzio KIBS manages training and communicates the "Pane e Internet" project for Regione Emilia-Romagna for the development of digital citizenship

Pane e Internet (PeI) is the project funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region as part of the Regional Digital Agenda 2020-2025, the innovative program that promotes the development of digital skills and full access to the information society. The key concept is 'digital citizen': an aware citizen who uses technologies in an increasingly advanced way to access information, use online services and take advantage of digital opportunities accessible in his or her area. PeI thus acts not only for the benefit of the citizen, but also for the territory, through relations with the entire network of actors as well as other Agenda projects with main focus on youth and schools.

More details 

Lattanzio KIBS is responsible for the overall coordination of the Emilia-Romagna Region's PeI project, as well as the design, management, and delivery of training activities for both citizens and digital facilitators affiliated with the project. 

In addition to the training activities, which are the cornerstone of the initiative, Lattanzio KIBS coordinates the communication of Bread and Internet by defining its visual identity, drafting an editorial plan, and writing content to be published on social channels and the website.

Project Impact 

Pane e Internet (PeI) project is part of the larger framework of the goals pursued by the region's Digital Agenda. The program's multiple goals, such as spreading ultrawideband throughout the region, setting up 4.0 infrastructure to increase local competitiveness, and promoting digital communities to counter regional depopulation, converge in a massive digitization of the territory. 

Through its intervention, Lattanzio KIBS contributes to the development of digital skills in the territory, leveraging the synergies and promotional actions guaranteed mainly by the network of Local Authorities. It also educates and raises awareness among the population and key regional innovation players on the skills to carry out the digitization process.