Lattanzio KIBS produces e-learning materials for HELP Program aimed at legal professionals from member states and Armenia

The Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals Programme (HELP) is the main training tool that the Council of Europe has designed for judges, prosecutors and lawyers. HELP is an online platform open to everyone, which supports Council of Europe member states (and others) in the implementation of European human rights standards, in particular the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and other fundamental conventions of the Council of Europe. The courses cover the Council of Europe's areas of work related to compliance with ethical standards in the field of biomedicine

More details

Lattanzio KIBS's intervention is part of the 'Protection of Human Rights in Biomedicine II' project, which aims at promoting the adaptation between national practices in the field of biomedicine and healthcare and European ethical standards.

The project helps prepare Armenia for accession to the Oviedo Convention, the treaty that guarantees respect for human rights and the dignity of the human person with regard to applications of biology and medicine.

Lattanzio KIBS supports a team of experts in defining the didactic strategies with the aim of making the legal content accessible to other training users as well, namely healthcare professionals, forensic experts and social workers.

In collaboration with the HELP team, Lattanzio KIBS is responsible for developing the digital content of the training, using advanced tools and methodologies.

Project Impact

Lattanzio KIBS' training ensures that applications of biomedicine and medicine respect the rights and dignity of the individual.

The training also extends to healthcare personnel, forensic experts and social workers, making its scope broader.