Lattanzio KIBS wins the digitisation of court files for Emilia-Romagna Region

Within the framework of the Operational Programme Complementary to the National Operational Programme (NOP) Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020 and in implementation of the project "Proximity Office - Emilia-Romagna Region", the Emilia-Romagna Region promotes the opening of Proximity Offices on the regional territory with the aim of extending the number of services to citizens in the field of voluntary jurisdiction. Specifically, the project stems from the desire to bring citizens closer to the administration of justice through the creation of new points of contact and access in the territory, and the delocalisation of activities that in the past were available exclusively at judicial officesMore details 

More details

The Emilia-Romagna Region entrusts Lattanzio KIBS with the digitisation of files and their entry into the ministerial application "Sistema Informatico Contenzioso Civile Distrettuale" (SICID) of voluntary jurisdiction proceedings pending and in paper format in the ordinary courts of Emilia-Romagna. The files pertain to the following Macro Areas: 

  • Support Administration
  • Curatorships
  • Guardianships
  • Supervision of minors
  • Inheritances pending
  • Inheritance accepted with Benefit of Inventory

Project Impact 

The contribution of Lattanzio KIBS facilitates interaction between Proximity Offices and judicial offices, and allows Proximity Offices in the process of being activated to also handle requests from users who have already started voluntary jurisdiction proceedings in the ordinary way, thus contributing to improving services for citizens, especially those who do not live near judicial offices. 

The intervention is of significant importance in the context of digitisation in Italy, as it brings numerous advantages, including optimisation of time and resources used, greater transparency and accessibility of information, and a reduction in the risk of human error and loss of documents.