TRIO, a public excellance for online training

Lattanzio KIBS has been working alongside the Region of Tuscany since 1998 in the creation and management of the TRIO (Technology, Research, Innovation and Orientation) e-learning platform, financed by the European Social Fund. A pioneer among public teletraining systems in Italy, TRIO won the Italian Web Awards in 2002, the Public Administration Award and the European Label in 2006.

More details

By offering a catalogue of over 900 training products, the TRIO Project aims to provide a free e-learning service on specialised topics to a varied user base, not limited to the regional territory, anywhere and from any digital device. The TRIO platform enables all interested users to follow:

  • Courses; 
  • In-depth webinars;
  • Computer and English workshops.

In addition, the project offers free tutoring services, training for young apprentices and multi-purpose workshops. On TRIO, specific categories of users - web learning groups - can also train on ad hoc topics through dedicated support from the Lattanzio team. 

Since 1998, Lattanzio KIBS' professionals have been in charge of the platform's entire management, from technical design and course delivery to communication and promotion. With well over 88,000 active users across Europe, TRIO continues to generate value, proving to be a successful project over the years.

Project Pluses

In addition to being one of the first European models of e-learning platforms managed by a public administration, the project immediately proved to be a facilitator for the promotion of youth employment and an effective tool for cooperation not only between public actors.