Lattanzio KIBS develops an online educational pathway on pharmaceutical resource management for UNHCR

Management of pharmaceutical resources is a crucial element in ensuring access to needed care by refugees and other persons of interest. In this context, UNHCR recognized the need for an online training program for its staff. Lattanzio KIBS obtained the task to produce four 8.5-hour e-learning modules on the topic.

More details

The course, developed in English and available in UNHCR's online learning portal "Learn & Connect", is based on an interactive e-learning methodology that includes topic knowledge tests followed by automated feedback.

More specifically, the main target audiences for the course are:

  • UNHCR staff employed in the field
  • UNHCR staff employed at regional offices
  • UNHCR staff employed at the Organization's headquarters
  • UNHCR staff from UNHCR partners, such as NGOs or Ministries of Health of relevant nations

Project Impact

Thanks to this training program, course participants were able to:

  • Learn the key principles and practices of good management of pharmaceutical resources in UNHCR operations
  • Identify action methodologies that can benefit refugees and other stakeholders
  • Identify and apply instructions to improve pharmaceutical management in their operational contexts

Among the objectives achieved by the course, the most significant are:

  • Overall improvement of medication management in UNHCR and partner organizations
  • Continued access by refugees and host communities to essential, high-quality medicines, ensuring accurate ordering, reduced over- or under-stocking, and reduced need for emergency supplies through effective management of medicine distribution