Lattanzio KIBS supports Mozambique government with training services to improve market access for local business environment

The Economic Linkages for Diversification Project 'EL4D,' sponsored by the Government of Mozambique through the Ministry of Economy and Finance and with support from the World Bank, was created to strengthen the performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through the different levels of the local production and economic chain.

More details

The assignment concerns the development of Mozambique's economic environment through improving the skills, financing, quality, and market access of both existing and new businesses.

The assignment is structured in 4 lines of intervention:

  • Designing an implementation plan for training courses, as well as a recruitment plan for trainers and consultants
  • Selection and training to trainers
  • Training, consulting and coaching to enterprises
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities

Project Impact

The training intervention designed with the support of Lattanzio KIBS aims to boost growth and employment in a rapidly developing country.

Lattanzio KIBS fits into this context with a specific training program to foster the development of the local economic and productive environment, and stimulate growth and employment and to overcome factors such as limited female labor force participation, low pay and poor business management that have a significant impact on the area in terms of productivity, resources and openness to markets.