Lattanzio KIBS produces online training about internal displacement to enhance staff knowledge

Internal displacement, which is a phenomenon whereby large groups of people are forced to leave their houses due to conflicts within their home state, is one of the most pressing challenges faced by many regions of the world to date. To address this issue, UNHCR invests on an online training program for its staff. In order to meet this need, Lattanzio KIBS is tasked with realizing a 3.15-hour e-learning course on the laws and policy development pertaining to internal displacement.

More details

The learning program was designed to enhance UNHCR staff's knowledge and skills of analysis and understanding of the subject matter.

More specifically, the course program consists of:

  • A total learning path of approximately 3 hours consisting of five modules, designed both as individual capacity building activities and as introductory pre-learning modules for a multi-stakeholder workshop on IDP-themed laws and policy-making
  • A continuously updated training package to support the organization of a 2.5-day workshop and adaptable for either in-person attendance or via webinar

Project Impact

As a result of attending the course, UNHCR staff is able to:

  • analyze legal frameworks on the issue of internal displacement
  • engage with the United Nations, international organizations, governments, and partners to guide, promote, and support the development and adoption of laws and policies, and to address and overcome gaps and obstacles to their implementation