The Einaudi Learning Model for innovative and integrated education

M.O.D.E. is the Organizational and Lerarning Model designed by Lattanzio KIBS for the Renato Einaudi University College of Turin Foundation. The assignment aims to concretize innovative and integrated education within the learning community.

More details

The project involves research-intervention and capacity building actions with the aim of supporting the Foundation in the following activities:  

  1. Defining a training model consistent with the new unique value proposition to implement a new service system in learning and community
  2. Promotion of community learning dynamics (informal learning) and recognition of these in an integrated way to the College's educational offerings (non-formal learning) 
  3. Reinforcement of key levers for the success of the new unique value proposition (e.g., communication and supporting technologies)

Project Pluses

The project is marked by engaging and widespread experimentation: staff from the Foundation's offices and the target audience of students took part. The project's plus value lies in the uniqueness of the solution designed and developed for the Foundation. The integration of informal and nonformal learning is, in fact, an area of intervention unprecedented to the landscape of the Foundation and the Third Sector.