M. Sab | Corriere della Sera

Healthcare, business support, education and infrastructure. These are the areas towards which, according to a statistically representative sample of the Italian population made up of 1,200 respondents, the 209 billion euro earmarked for Italy by the Recovery Fund should be directed.

According to the sample - analysed by Lattanzio Kibs, a strategic consulting firm specialising in the public sector, and the communications company Be Media - one out of two respondents indicated healthcare (in the photo, minister Roberto Speranza) as the priority area of intervention, followed at 40% by support for businesses, schools (39% of female respondents), and infrastructure upgrading, central for 27% of the sample. The indications concerning the modernisation of the PA, at the top of the list of needs for only 12% of the respondents, were minor.

Women indicated intervention in healthcare (58% vs. 51% of men), schools (39% vs. 30%) and environmental sustainability as priorities (24% women vs. 19% men). Infrastructure (31%) and digitalisation (19%) were favoured in the answers given by men.

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