Lattanzio KIBS is entrusted with the development of the Regional Territorial Plan with social and economic value

The Regional Territorial Plan (PTR) of the Sicilian Region is a territorial planning tool that focuses on short, medium and long-term economic and social development strategies. Through the PTR, the Region implements, directs and coordinates the planning of resources and the strategic, territorial coordination and urban planning of the metropolitan cities, the free municipal consortia and the municipalities, single or associated.

More details 

The specific contract, to be realised in partnership with two expert companies in territorial planning, focuses on the support to the drafting and technical assistance required for the development of the Regional Territorial Plan of the Sicilian Region. It also includes the management of the integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedure.

The project consists of a phase of construction of the PTR's cognitive reference framework, a participation and listening phase aimed at developing a shared vision for territorial development, a detailed plan definition development phase and finally a lengthy accompaniment phase to the PTR approval procedure dedicated to extensive discussion and consultation with Sicily's social and economic actors.

Lattanzio KIBS designs and manages stakeholder management activities, supporting public participation and consultation, with the aim of finding balanced solutions that take into account the different needs of the actors involved. It also handles the management of communication services and the drafting of a report on financial sources

Project Impact 

Lattanzio KIBS participates in the main objective of the PTR - the planning of a knowledge-based territorial development that is dynamic, flexible, incremental and adaptive with respect to other forms of economic and urban planning in force at the regional and local level. 

In addition, the consultancy contributes to the identification of the PTR as an accessible, transparent and open tool, with the objective of operating within a multi-level governance system, which involves all relevant actors in the sustainable development of Sicily and to foster a cohesive and coordinated regional vision and sustainable spatial integration for the planning and harmonious development of the Region.