Communicating territorial development for Montiferru, Alto Campidano and Planargia

Lattanzio KIBS is working alongside the Montiferru Union of Municipalities for land development.

More details

The territorial development project La sapienza del villaggio involves twenty municipalities that are part de Union of Montiferru and Altocampidano Municipalities; Union of Planargia and Montiferru Occidentale. The project aims to create an attractive, sustainable and integrated territorial system through the implementation of a strategy that, by inverting the traditional paradigms of projects related to the canonical themes of tourism and typical productions, puts at the center the idea of a renewed residency as a decisive factor in ensuring a fruitful future for the communities of the territory involved.

Lattanzio KIBS in partnership with Graphic Studio Comunicazione Globale, supports the Union of Municipalities in the design and implementation of the marketing and communication plan aimed at the development of territorial branding and its promotion in the national and international arena.

Project Pluses

The great heritage of "knowledge" that is kept in the territory of the Union of Municipalities is the strength of the project. The experience of Lattanzio KIBS in the implementation of territorial development interventions makes it possible to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of the 20 municipalities involved, systemizing the potential within a single, recognizable territorial brand.