Supporting the PA to implement innovative practices in the execution of Community Programs.

We provide qualified technical assistance to Programs co-financed with public and European funds in terms of governance and surveillance, management and programming at every stage of negotiation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and control.

Lattanzio KIBS offers a service that pursues a logic of continuous benchmarking and improvement of strategic organizational models. In this way, it is able to define the most suitable governance structure for programme management activities, with a view to continuously strengthening administrative capacity.

As technical assistance, Lattanzio KIBS also supports the proper conduct of monitoring activities carried out by the European Commission as well as the competent national authorities and the socio-economic partnership. 

Lattanzio KIBS supports programming by contributing to the elaboration of the strategic framework and the drafting of the Program and any re-programming, as well as its implementation, quickly providing documents, formats, models and information tools.

These tools are the fruit of Lattanzio KIBS' wealth of knowledge and experience in project management techniques and tools and are designed to optimize project planning, monitoring and quality control activities.

Lattanzio KIBS is responsible for developing information documentation on the progress of programmes and reporting with financial, physical and procedural data processing for monitoring progress.

Lattanzio KIBS' approach is aimed at maximizing the usability and readability of the reports produced as well as the timeliness of updates

Regarding administrative and accounting audits, Lattanzio KIBS oversees the definition of audit trails and operating manuals as well as standard checklists to be followed in carrying out activities.

With regards to on-site verifications, Lattanzio KIBS provides specific support in the preparation of sampling methodologies, the definition of control programs and the specific monitoring of the execution of on-site checks.

Technical Assistance to the Public Sector at Different Levels of the Institutional Chain

With a comprehensive understanding of the processes of multilevel governance, Lattanzio KIBS has gained over the years a consolidated experience in technical assistance services to the PA at several levels of the institutional chain (Ministries, Regions, Local Authorities) and in the different roles played in the implementation of EU Programs (Managing Authorities, Certifying Authorities, Intermediate Bodies). 

We are able to effectively manage complex Programs co-financed by European funds, thanks to the combination of a consolidated heritage of distinctive and multidisciplinary skills, legal, administrative accounting, monitoring and evaluation of projects and their effects on the socio-economic framework of reference.