Lattanzio KIBS, FRANET member, contributes to comprehensive framework on fundamental rights in Ireland

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights provides the European institutions (Parliament, Commission and Council) and national authorities with assistance and advice on fundamental rights in the implementation of EU law. This work is carried out through the collection, analysis and dissemination of objective, verifiable and comparable data.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS is a member of FRANET, the agency's multidisciplinary research network. The network consists of an antenna for each EU member country and three accession states, Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia. Each FRANET member provides data and information on a wide range of fundamental rights issues at the Agency's request in order to facilitate the Agency's comparative analyses.

Lattanzio KIBS conducts both research and data collection on fundamental rights in Ireland upon request by the Agency and contributes to the annual Fundamental Rights in Europe Report. Topics covered include, for example, the protection of the rights of children, Europeans and refugees, religious and racial hatred, the impact of the crisis generated by the rising cost of living in Europe, and threats to democratic values, particularly the right of association and expression and support for the political participation of people with disabilities and detention conditions in the Member States and guaranteeing the right to environmental protection.

Project Impact

The contribution of Lattanzio KIBS, within a system that provides independent information, is crucial with respect to the European institutions' goal of monitoring the state of implementation of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights in Europe.