EU e-Learning governance catalogue 2013

e-Learning catalogue of EU knowledge now for sale online

EU e-Learning governance catalogue 2013

A unique catalogue of European governance subjects has been developed by Lattanzio Learning together with the leading centre of European training and development for the public sector (EIPA - European Institute of Public Administration) and the College of Europe (CoE), a prestigious university institute focusing on European studies.

The catalogue offers 29 multimedia self-learning courses, all in English, regarding the most relevant aspects of the EU, such as institutions, decision making, laws and community policies established after the Treaty of Lisbon. All of the courses can be delivered either singularly or as part of a package.

These courses, with their high-quality content and qualified teachers, aim to generate a deep and extensive understanding of the subject thanks to a user-friendly approach, self-evaluation tests and tailored research materials.

Through an innovative mix of formal and informal learning, the courses are structured to satisfy all the different needs of the target audience. Moreover, they are enriched with images and graphics as well as glossaries, links and other self-evaluation tools.

Due to the advanced features of the eXact learning LCMS platform, the catalogue can be dynamically integrated with third party LMS systems and personalized according to user needs, from interface re-skinning to additional languages, from content adaptation to new subject matter.

This unique catalogue of European governance, already available for EU staff, is now for sale online as a key tool for long-lasting knowledge acquisition.


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