Lattanzio KIBS is contracted for Monitoring & Evaluation services on the Family Cash Assistance Initiative

Improving data collection capacity

UNHCR promotes so-called mobile wallets for refugees in Jordan; these simplify the provision of cash assistance to families and to ensure greater financial inclusion of refugees.

As part of the framework agreement on technical assistance services to UNHCR-Jordan, Lattanzio KIBS is awarded the Monitoring & Evaluation services for UNHCR-Jordan's Cash Based Interventions (CBI) Unit with the objective of improving the Unit's overall capacity to collect and analyze data on the needs, priorities and experiences of refugees living in Jordan.

The Lattanzio KIBS Survey

The Lattanzio KIBS activity is to develop and implement a survey to establish key indicators, benchmarks and targets for UNHCR's work in this area over the period 2023-2025.

The project involves three main phases:

  1. Meetings and interviews with key stakeholders;
  2. Data collection (baseline survey development, field staff training, survey implementation, focus groups; data analysis);
  3. Reporting.

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