Lattanzio KIBS supports ARTI-Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation in the evaluation of the “Punti Cardinali” measure

Evaluation to strengthen the region's services

Lattanzio KIBS is awarded the evaluation services of the “Punti Cardinali: orientation points for training and work” initiative in the Apulia Region with the aim of strengthening the orientation service at the local level.

Greater effectiveness in employment guidance

Lattanzio KIBS supports ARTI in the evaluation of the initiative through an analysis that aims to provide results on the effectiveness of the process and operation of the projects activated, the efficacy of the project on its target audience, and its ability to activate transformations in the behavior of the people and entities involved.

The objective of the measure is to strengthen the guidance service at the local level, promote the creation of networks composed of guidance service providers and increase the ability to intercept the needs of the territory.

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