Lattanzio KIBS supports the Agency for Technology and Innovation of Regione Puglia in the evaluation of the measure on guidance and employment

Apulia Region promotes the strategy "Agenda for Work Apulia - the future is a masterpiece" in the framework of the "Participatory Networks" under Action 8.11 of the 2014-2020 Apulia ROP "Interventions aimed at the creation of networks that strengthen employment services, increasing the capacity to intercept the needs of the territory.

“Punti Cardinali” is one of the strategy's experimental measures with the aim of creating an "educating guidance community" that implements lifelong learning guidance pathways.

More details 

Lattanzio KIBS supports ARTI in the evaluation of the “Punti Cardinali” measure by analyzing the efficiency of the process and operation of the activated projects, the effectiveness of the initiative on the recipients, and the measure's capacity to “activate transformations in the behavior” of the beneficiaries (municipalities, local authorities, provinces, people).

Lattanzio KIBS activities involve:

  • Scientific and technical coordination throughout the project 
  • Benchmarking analysis on similar initiatives in the Italian and European context
  • Design of the evaluation model with definition of indicators, methodological approach and survey instruments
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the process and projects through a comparison with ARTI-Regione Puglia contact persons and key stakeholders
  • Final evaluation of the overall operation

Project impact 

The support of Lattanzio KIBS to Regione Puglia on the evaluation of the initiative contributes to the improvement of public services oriented to lifelong learning towards students, unemployed, unemployable, young people between 15 and 29 years old, and those who intend to start a new work or study path.