(Ansa) - Brussels, 19 Jun - The use of organisational leverage and project management as a tool to achieve the best result: the Region of Sardinia is presenting a 'good practice' model in Brussels, tested with the management of the 2007-2013 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programming, and is promoting exchanges of experience with other regional administrations. This is a completely innovative experience, as it is 'the first time that a managing authority has flanked a traditional technical assistance intervention with a substantial management consulting project that intervenes on organisation and project management. Over the years, all regions have invested many resources on technical assistance, but never on management consulting. It is important to spread awareness, that organisational leverage is a tool to achieve results,' explains Filippo Chesi of Lattanzio e associati.

An interesting experience also in the light of the new 2014-2020 programming, for which 'the new watchword has become: administrative capacity', points out Gianluca Cadeddu, director of the Planning Centre. 'Every part of the administration has to accredit itself, demonstrating not only that it knows how to programme according to a territorial strategy that provides for integration between the various funds, but also that it has a structure and staff with the right skills,' he explains.

And also to meet the challenge of the new EU funds, the Sardinian Region is in the process of adopting laws for the reorganisation of the administration and for the merger or union of small municipalities, as announced by the councillors for General Affairs, Gianmario Demuro, and for Local Authorities, Cristiano Erriu.

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