Lattanzio KIBS alongside Tuscany Region for TRIO platform

'Extra-Learning. Beyond Current Models of Distance Learning' is the title of the digital event of TRIO, the Tuscany Region's web-learning platform, on the topic of new frontiers of distance learning organized by Lattanzio KIBS.

Several realities invited to participate - the University, the School, large and small businesses - confronted each other during the afternoon on doing training to recount their experiences during the 14-month pandemic and define a set of golden rules that make e-learning more and more functional and performant.

Lattanzio KIBS for TRIO

Moderator of the event was Massimo Giacomelli, Partner in Lattanzio KIBS. 'For some years now I have had the opportunity to contribute to the TRIO project, a project that the Tuscany Region launched over 20 years ago, and which over time has evolved as a natural generator of connections between PA, institutions and the business world. It is through listening to experiences and through dialogue that we have tried to imagine how training evolves, that is, how the need to necessarily adopt digital modes at a distance has led to new experiences and leads us today to question how we can enhance them for the future'.