The talk will tell about the perceptions of the citizens of the main Italian ports and the importance of innovating through a multi-stakeholder strategy

An event on technology, sustainability, culture

With more than 220 national and international exhibitors, the fourth edition of the Venice Boat Show  kicks off on 31 May in the historic Arsenale. The exhibition is an international attraction where technology and design, sustainability and culture will play a central role until 4 June.

Lattanzio KIBS, alongside Fastweb, with its Centro Studi will participate in the rich panel of meetings through a workshop on ports and sustainable transition in which Lattanzio KIBS partner Annachiara Annino will present the HUB Green Ports initiative.

Ports, safety and the environment: one workshop, more than 10 speeches

The Boat Show is also recognised as a lively space for debate and dissemination. Among this year's initiatives, the workshop Ports: safety and the environment in the current context of transition, at 2.30 pm on Thursday 1 June, will lead to a dialogue on the changes that the ecological transition requires from Italian port areas.

Through the results of the Study Centre, Lattanzio KIBS will talk about the importance of sustainable planning of port areas and introduce the HUB Green Ports project, which aims to create a virtuous model of integration between ports and cities thanks to the potential of multi-stakeholder collaboration. The multi-stakeholder strategy involves Axpo, Bureau Veritas, Ceisis, LCA, Avatar, Graaltech, Perfect Mooring.

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