Lattanzio KIBS conducted a study on assessing residents' attitudes toward Italian marinas

A study for a sustainable model of attraction 

Regeneration and revitalization plans for marinas toward a route for sustainable development. The newspaper Wall Street Italia devotes two pages to Lattanzio KIBS' recent study on residents' attitudes toward Italian tourism ports. The purpose? To evaluate the creation of a Green Ports HUB model, with Genoa standing out among the 10 leading cities for strong focus on sustainable port development and green investment.

Public-private collaboration to implement the model

"The basic idea," says Annachiara Annino, partner at Lattanzio KIBS, "is that designing well requires increasing public-private collaboration. Hence the importance of promoting a listening system to intercept development trajectories and priorities of the territory so as to propose initiatives aimed at sustainable co-design."
Thus was born the project that, through a conscious use of the territory, aims to create a virtuous and highly integrated model that responds to the needs of its users and can be adopted not only at the city level but also at the regional level.

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