Ezio Lattanzio speaks at the panel on innovation for the economy of the over 65s

Challenges and opportunities

As an advisor to the Silver Economy Network, Ezio Lattanzio took part in the SDA Bocconi event for an international Master in Business Administration course aimed at generating innovative ideas on the silver economy.

Among the members of the panel "Setting the scene on aging population and silver economy: challenges and opportunities" were Maurizio De Palma, CEO and founder of Cocooners, Guido Magrin, CEO and co-founder of Teiacare, Marco Gullà, Investment Associate at Health Technologies Holding (HTH) Zambon, Antonio Serrapica, Associate Partner at Kearney Italia, Marina Denaro, Product and Services specialist at Amplifon and Enrico Marino, Italy Brand, Media, Advertising and Digital Associate Director at Amplifon.

Italy as an international longevity hub

Lattanzio KIBS is a scientific partner of the Silver Economy Network, the first Italian network dedicated to companies developing innovative solutions and services for the silver economy, created with the goal of fostering the development of alliances and joint projects between businesses, and promoting the supply chain on a national and international level.

The Lattanzio KIBS Study Centre also contributes to the monitoring of longevity scenarios on the socio-economic level. The objective is to support a path of growth and change for an Italy that can represent an international hub for longevity, promoting development through cooperation with the public and private worlds.

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