The results of the survey on "Women and the World of Work" were presented Tuesday, June 14, at the opening of the CEO FACTORY event

Results at hand

At the opening of CEO FACTORY, Annachiara Annino, Partner of Lattanzio KIBS Study Center, started the discussion on Women and the World of Work, presenting to the audience in the hall the results of the Second Observatory conducted on a sample of more than 300 women.

Today's leaders, he says, must build a climate of trust: in fact, 52% of respondents say that "a leader must know how to motivate by inspiring confidence, while 48% say that the leader must "know how to actively listen to employees," showing an attitude of openness and leaving their employees free to express their added value and bring their own contribution. In addition, 43% say leaders must be increasingly able to take care of teams and take concrete ownership of their employees' growth.  

More than 100 CEOs involved

The goal of the event, live for the first time in the metaverse's digital environment, was the launch of CEO FACTORY, the new GirlsRestart project: a unique mentorship program involving well over 100 CEOs from around the world committed to developing the next generation of women who aspire to be tomorrow's leaders.

Among the mentors joining the program is Ezio Lattanzio, Founder of Lattanzio KIBS and a member of the guest panel at the event, who comments, "Simplicity and concreteness are key words that fit this project perfectly. The term 'restart' is insightful, which gives a strong sense of resilience to the initiative. [...] It adds value to the country, not to women. It is not only about gender equality and inclusion, but also about opportunities for the Country System for growth, evolution, value for all, regardless of gender." 

Not just an Observatory

In the area of women's empowerment and addressing gender imbalances, Lattanzio KIBS has been working alongside UN Women for years to evaluate the efficiency of approaches toward strategic partnerships that aim to promote gender equality and women's empowerment.

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