Women and work

The pandemic had a major impact on the daily lives of women from all walks of life because of the supposedly vulnerable condition they found themselves in. This challenge translated into an opportunity for knowledge, a chance to rethink themselves by looking at their surroundings with new eyes, drawing on resources they did not think they had, and revising the concept of work-life balance. 

Born in the post-lockdown context is the first national Observatory by the Lattanzio KIBS Study Center that investigates and collects women's expectations, perspectives and dreams in a drawer.

A chance to give voice to a rising network

Through the Observatory, Lattanzio KIBS brings to light stories of exceptional lives and investigates the myriad possibilities that the future holds for those women who have the courage to start again thanks to a network of mentors, sororities and examples.

The research brought out (distinguishing between C-Level and junior) the originality traits of the women's world after the pandemic shock test, so as to give voice to a non conventional rising network.

A chance to give voice to a rising network

The data were surprising: only 5% experienced isolation negatively, as many as 36% were able to focus on skills and strengths, 26% understood what they really wanted, and 33 percent got in touch with their neglected emotional part. Women held their own: whether they were managers, mothers, wives, or all of these variables in one, they rethought their routines by developing them around their children, their husbands, and for once - perhaps - around themselves.

Elle Active 2023

"Daydreaming Shapes Life" is the research of the 'Al femminile' Observatory commissioned by ClioMakeUp, the leading pure-digital publisher of beauty in Italy for the ELLE Active 2023 event.

The results were presented by Annachiara Annino, Partner Lattanzio KIBS and head of the Study Center, during the event attended by well-known personalities for a discussion on the hottest issues affecting the female world, including a view on work-life balance and the psychological well-being that comes with it.

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