Lattanzio KIBS wins technical assistance for sustainable land development

Intelligent, cohesive and coordinated spatial planning

Lattanzio KIBS contributes to the development and definition of the Region of Sicily's Regional Territorial Plan, and to the procedural management of the integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The project, carried out in partnership with two companies expert in territorial planning, consists of a phase of construction of the PTR's cognitive reference framework, a phase of participation and listening aimed at developing a shared vision for territorial development, a phase of detailed definition of the Plan and finally a lengthy phase of accompaniment to the PTR approval procedure dedicated to an extensive discussion and consultation with Sicily's social and economic actors. The role of Lattanzio KIBS focuses on the design and management of stakeholder management activities, support for public participation and inter-institutional consultation and communication.

Where do we stand?

May 2024 saw the conclusion of the first phase of construction of the cognitive framework and development of the first drafts of the strategic vision and development lines of the Plan Document. These elements, recently approved by the Region, will be subject to public consultation within the framework of a series of meetings on the territory open to social and institutional actors, which will take place by autumn 2024 with the aim of gathering feedback and observations, and finally validating a shared strategic vision for the urban, social and economic development of the Sicilian regional territory.

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