Lattanzio KIBS supports the Administration in the implementation of the ERDF-funded Regional Program for the 2021-27 programming period

An unprecedented opportunity for Piedmont 

Regione Piemonte entrusts Lattanzio KIBS with consulting and technical assistance services in the areas of implementation support, surveillance/monitoring of the actions of the Piedmont ERDF Regional Program (RRP), as well as in assisting with the closing activities of the RRP.

The Plan the Region has been working on - 'Energy to Renew Piedmont' - includes more resources than in previous programming, more beneficiaries and more simplification through streamlining procedures.

The goals of the assignment

Piedmont's ERDF Regional Program supports the authority in addressing territorial development through a revitalization of competitiveness and sustainable and inclusive growth.

The overall objective of the entrustment to Lattanzio KIBS is to support the implementation of the Regional Program by equipping the regional administration with operational tools, skills and supports that enable the achievement of high levels of effectiveness, efficiency and enforceability in the use of resources.

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