Lattanzio KIBS presents educational opportunities from January to March 2009

The program

Lattanzio KIBS and ForumPA, together in the NuovaPA Consortium, are promoting a series of seminars with the aim of providing quality training on current topics of greatest interest. The schedule of training events continues with three new titles scheduled from January through March.


- Jan. 22 - The Electronic File: Information Document and Substitute Preservation in Compliance: an in-depth seminar on the topic of preservation and archiving of digital documents with Lawyer Andrea Lisi.

- Jan. 27 - Project Finance in the Third Corrective to the Procurement Code: a training day on the issues of public-private partnerships to carry out the infrastructure works the country needs.

- Jan. 29 - The 2009 Budget, Stability Pact and Local Taxation: a hot reflection to understand what changes in the financial balances of Local Authorities and Authorities after the budget maneuver, led by Carlo Conte, Director of the State General Accounting Office.


- Feb. 26 and 27, Rome - Evaluating Work in the Civil Service. Methodologies, tools and techniques of staff evaluation in PA: Evaluating work in the civil service is not an impossible undertaking: today the case history of good practices in the evaluation of positions, managerial performance and staff potential can count on a wide representation of experiences.

The objective of the course is to address the issue of public work as concrete, measurable and assessable performance, illustrating the methodologies and techniques of evaluation concretely in use in public administration, in the light of the most significant and advanced experiences implemented in the Entities. For online registration click here


- March 3, Rome - The electronic dossier: electronic document and regulation-compliant substitute storage: the launch of the Government's 2012 e-gov Plan, the seminar is an opportunity for analysis, updating and reflection on the technical and regulatory aspects of dematerialization and document management. The seminar then offers a specific in-depth look at regulation-compliant electronic storage of digital documents. 

- March 4 and 4, Rome - Accountability to Citizens. Social and Mandate Budgeting: On the eve of the administrative renewal that will bring a conspicuous number of local governments to the ballot, administrations are faced with the need to explain to the citizen-taxpayer how they have used public resources, what they have returned to the community in terms of resources and services, to what extent they have met needs and, above all, why they have made certain choices and not others. This is why more and more administrations are resorting to new reporting tools: from social and participatory budgeting to mandate budgets, environmental, gender etc., the figures of traditional budgets become concrete facts and actions. 

- Rome, March 18 - ICT and privacy: protection and security of personal data in IT systems: the seminar covers the proper management of databases, the definition of access criteria, security and authentication procedures that assume importance when considered from the point of view of guaranteeing citizens' data. 

- Rome, March 19 and 20 - Governing Projects, Managing Resources. Project management for PA efficiency: the seminar is about acquiring skills for managing projects, a complex machine in which technological aspects, people, know-how, resources, time and deadlines, and procedures converge. 

The seminars and courses, with scheduled enrollment, include a participation fee including working materials, welcome coffee and breakfast meeting. A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants.

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