Lattanzio KIBS, together with OCM Group, assists ACI Informatica with communication activities in support of its most significant projects

Requests for new initiatives to achieve specific objectives

Lattanzio KIBS provides communication support for ACI Informatica. The one-year contract includes consultancy and technical assistance activities. The company is called upon to identify new communication initiatives for the realisation of its strategic objectives. 

The main ACI projects Lattanzio KIBS is supporting

Lattanzio KIBS will support the institution in coordinating, monitoring and acquiring tools and services through the drafting of technical tender specifications. But it will also provide on-demand support for communication projects specific to the ACI world, including:

  • Milan Monza Open-Air Motor Show
  • Digital campaign on road safety
  • Monza GP
  • Giro d'Italia
  • Institutional campaign

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