Supporting communication and events organisation for the Apulia Region

Lattanzio KIBS has been entrusted with the task of supporting the implementation of communication services and the organisation of events as part of the regional participation in Expo Dubai 2020. The project is part of Action 3.5 of the 2014-2020 ROP Puglia Interventions to strengthen the level of internationalisation of production systems and of the framework agreement established by InnovaPuglia S.p.A.

The objective is to promote and spread awareness of Puglia and its local and territorial production systems of excellence during Expo Dubai 2020, including through integrated communication actions, as well as through the promotion of regional production systems, production excellence and technology, enhancing smart specialization and innovative start-ups. 

The events organised

In addition to hospitality services and logistical assistance, Lattanzio KIBS was responsible for organising the events:

  • Inauguration of the Short Stories thematic exhibition A journey into beauty and innovation: Design in Apulia - Nel blu dipinto di blu
  • Networking dinner with the Apulian delegation
  • International Forum Climate change and challenges for sustainable coastal management
  • onference On the road to the XX Edition of The Mediterrean Games-Taranto 2026
  • B2B sessions for the Blue economy delegation

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